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Red Hawk Garage Suite

Peace of mind with all of your valuable toys, kept safe and secure. Whether your prized possessions include classic cars, personal watercraft, a boat, RV or more, your Red Hawk Garage Suite will keep them dry, out of the elements, safe, and away from prying eyes.


Your neighbors at the Red Hawk Garage Suites complex are all like-minded people, driven by their successes and passions. Whether you choose to join them in the community Club Room and common work areas or not, at Red Hawk Garage Suites, the choices are yours to make.


Members – Only Club

Your purchase of a Red Hawk Garage Suite includes full access to the Members’ Club Room.¬†Invite your car club for a special meet, share your bench racing stories, or work out the deals of that next great buy. ¬†The Members’ Club Room at Red Hawk Garage Suites is the perfect hang.

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