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With Red Hawk Garage Suites, your classic cars, toys, and RV storage requirements are met thanks to our fully customizable private Garage Suites. Get in touch today to reserve your custom Garage Suite!

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Why Choose Red Hawk Garage Suites?

Red Hawk Garage Suites is a place where vehicle owners and collectors can keep their toys protected and enjoy their passion in the Deer Valley area. Take your classic cars, RV’s, ATV’s or motorcycles to a place that’s secure and fully tailored to your needs.

Customizable Suites

Are you looking for a secure place to store your cars, RV’s, motorcycles or other types of vehicles? We can do that. Do you want your very own getaway space you can turn to on the weekend to relax and get away from the buzz of daily life? We can do that too!

You’ll own your Garage Suite, with an unlimited array of customization options, including climate control. At Red Hawk Garage Suites, your storage facility is truly yours.

Highly Secure

While Red Hawk Garage Suites offers a fully secured facility, you can also opt for individually-monitored security if you want an extra layer of protection!

You will have peace of mind after you head home from your man cave that your assets are secured within your personal Garage Suite and your desired level of surveillance and security.

Unique Amenities

Red Hawk Garage Suites isn’t your typical storage facility. We’re a community of like-minded people, which is why we offer luxury amenities such as:

  • Members’ Club Room, an exclusive facility reserved for members only;

  • Outdoor wash bay with treated water;

  • RV dump station;

  • And more!

Your Hideaway

By choosing Red Hawk Garage Suites, you are not leasing a storage space. You are purchasing a fully customizable Garage Suite and you are getting access to a growing community of people with similar interests in the West Valley.

We will quickly become your very own personal hideaway, your reason to sign off for a while and focus on yourself and your passions.

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